Jag har skickat ett mail till MailOnline

Så här skrev jag till journalisten som hade skrivit om Sarahs ärende när hon vägrade att anställa en muslimsk kvinna i sjal.

Sarah och Bushra

Sarah och Bushra innnan rättegång

Dear Madam, My name is Viktoria (Vicky) Sjöberg, a hairdresser and beautican, living and working in Sweden Malmö and running my own business since 1998. I have red the article about the hair dresser Sarah who nearly lost her business refusing hire muslim stylist http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1027300/How-I-nearly-lost-business-refusing-hire-Muslim-hair-stylist-wouldnt-hair.html I would like to present my own case in Sweden which is similar to Sarahs. March 2011 the same thing has happened to me, a muslim girl came to my shop and wanted to have a practic for  5 days. I refused her because of her scarf, while I was telling her that I had nothing aginst her religion or her person. The whole thing was about what she was wearing on her head. I was not aggresive and not threatfull. She was sueing me at the police and also at the discriminations office. After 1 year I forced to negociate to not come to the cort and pay her 27 500 SEK (att: She did not lost any income) some dayes after that I started a blog and told my real story and lots of people became so angry and was started to collect money – so in 4 workdays all the money was on a special account which I started against discrimination. That was really amazing that people wanted to show that this is not acceptable in our sociaty, my blog had 40 000 visits in 7 days you can check this out https://motdiskriminering.wordpress.com seeing forward to hearig from youSincerely,Viktoria Sjöberg

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  1. OLLE.

     /  2012/05/21

    Hej Vicky.
    Har inte hunnit kika in på bloggen på ett tag.
    Nu är jag här igen :))))))))))))))))

    Vill bara säga hej och önska dig en strålande bra dag.
    Kul att alltfler följer bloggen.

    Ha det fint.

  2. Bert Alexandersson

     /  2012/05/21

    The biggest shame goes to press and that Swedish law that allows this.
    Like Viktoria you as a Swede must fight this unfairness in any way you can.
    If I were a Muslim I would make sure that this kind of smearing of my religion would stop.
    These scam artist should be stopped in their tracks since they do so much harm to the Muslim community in general. There is a lot to learn from the courage of Viktoria and yes you can fight back ,and one day ” We will have laws to protect us” Thank you Viktoria for beeing you. With kind regards and respect. Bert Alexandersson

    • Dear Bert Alexandersson, I´m so happy to read your lines and all Europian Countries must do better laws which protect better their own citizens better. The europian people are so kind generally so many of other people can use this against and now we can see the result.



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